I'm excited to post an update on the success of the first Pilot of the Sketchnote Workshop in Milwaukee and share exciting news about the first public workshop in Atlanta in February!

Pilot Workshop

The pilot workshop was held on October 26th at Stone Creek Coffee's Factory with 8 attendees, to run through the curriculum and receive real-world feedback.

What we've learned

The day went very well. We've received positive feedback from the 8 students — both things they loved and things we can work on for the public workshop.

Small things caught our attention, such as timing of the modules and some coffee and food logistics, as well as learning that students really want to see me working live, so they can learn and mimic my approach.

The location, Stone Creek Factory's Tasting Room, was a great choice. The food and coffee was delicious and the space itself was private, bright and airy and felt like home. We organized the tables in a semi-circular way, so I could teach from the center and have access to everyone equally.

The live speakers were also well received, and included barista Ellen, telling her story of how she came to become a coffee fan and the manager of the Factory store.

All in all, we had a great day, which excited and encouraged Amber, Gail and me about doing a public version of the workshop here, in 2014.

The Team

My team included my wife Gail and Amber Pierce, an instructional designer who is helping refine and structure our curriculum in a way that makes it ideal for adult learners.

Mailing List

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AuthorMike Rohde